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for Telematics

With Terminal, you can easily add telematics integrations to your application with a single API. Connect your application to the services you need, without worrying about the underlying details

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Build on One Data Model

Goodbye to data transformation, API quirks and time consuming integrations. With normalized and constantly synced data models, software development just got a whole lot easier.

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Authenticate with Ease

Your users can authorize integrations through a modal component in your application.

This makes it quick and easy for your users to access the services they need without ever having to leave your application.

Our Customers

Who builds with Terminal?

Unlock new possibilities for your application with Terminal.
Learn how different types of customers use Terminal to accelerate their innovation velocity.

Carrier TMS

Integrate more ELD providers, connect to more customers and increase revenue.

Fleet Management

Unify data from multiple sources to help customers leverage fleet performance insights.

Digital Brokerage

Build custom visibility solutions tailored to your business and customer needs.


Leverage telematics data to provide superior products and policies.


Access telematics data to verify delivery before payment and reduce fraud.

Fuel Cards

Gain insight into your customers' performance, usage and behavior.


Integrate Telematics with One API

Terminal makes it easy for you to access the latest in telematics technology.
With our directory of platforms, you can implement your team's top requested integrations in just a few clicks.

Why Terminal

Accelerate Your Product Roadmap

Increase velocity

Launch integrations in minutes, not weeks, to save time and resources and reach customers quickly.

Focus on core product

Leave tedious integration tasks to us, so your developers can focus on creating features that provide real value to your customers.

Onboard more customers

Overcome integration challenges to unlock new revenue streams, enabling your sales team to close deals and onboard customers quickly.

Increase Velocity

Our integrations launch in minutes, not weeks or months, so you can get to market faster and start reaching customers sooner. Save valuable time and resources.

Focus on Core Product

Let us handle the tedious tasks of building and maintaining integrations for your developers so you can focus on building features that offer real value to your customers.

Onboard More Customers

Find new revenue streams by overcoming integration challenges and delivering the integrations your sales team needs to close new customers and onboard them quickly.